Explore Events is fully committed to ensuring the best possible experience and highest quality is delivered to our customers whilst minimising risk, promoting safety and following best practice. Whilst outdoors activities pose inherant risks that can never be wholly removed we have done all that is practicable to reduce risk to an acceptable level, promote health, safety and welfare as well as adopt the best practices available within the outdoors industry. Participation in any Explore Events business activity requires and acceptance of the risks associated and a responsibility on each person to act reasonably to ensure and prote their own safety, health and welfare throughout particiaption. Participation is conducted through informed consent and all participants are required to complete our personal information form (provided on booking and on request), given access to our activities information document (provided on booking and on request) and have open access (on request) to our risk assessments and policies.

   Our events and activities are always conducted with the supervision of a fully trained and experienced members of staff that hold current first aid training, DBS check certificates and are fully up to date with child protection and safeguarding practices. All our activites that require a national governing body qualification or certificate are delivered by staff that hold the relevant qualification and have a proven background in delivery of activities.

   Our insurance covers all of our staff and customers for participation and is specifically designed for those whom provide outdoor activities. Our cover is provided by Lockton Ascend and is available on request.

   Our business subscribes to the BMC participation statement (below) and the organising or national bodies that coordinate awards and certification of the activities and services that we provide.

   Our policies and risk assessments for all activites and undertakings are available on request.